Tungsten bullet weight

TRU-Tungsten's OEM supplier 9 Years working in Tungsten!

Every of our product, very carefully produced, Highly praised by our customer.

Without sleeve, tube inserting, coating, painting, it is fray free still

Size :  From 1/32 OZ to 2OZ

Color: all colors you can see from market,  blood red, june bug, green pumpkim, water melon...

Our painting/coating is very strong and tough. We are using best material including our packing.You will not be disappointed to our quality, never.We are supplying highest level in this industry.

9 Years working on Tungsten, from tungsten powder to sintered product, powder coating, galvanic coating, painting,  Everything finished in house.

There are several type of bullet weight in our factory, 1 is TRU tungsten type, insert free, fray free, second is Abos type, with plastic tube, with or without spring tail. 3rd is punch weight

Tungsten flipping weight, tungsten bullet weight, insert free, fray free test vedio

please visit http://youtu.be/rRK8iwzvgnM