About US
Who We Are

" Bring value to the customer by continuous improvement, " as we persist from the beginning, till now and future.

9 Years on MIM, Tungsten MIM, stainless steel MIM, tungsten carbide MIM and their afterwards.

We persist customer' s earning money first. It requires us not only high quality, but also reasonable price. By this, our customer can sell them fast with profit, then he "has to" stick with us, then.

100% own production base, for that reason, we can keep quality, cost, delivery, The reason customers choose us.

Our main product:

Tungsten MIM, tungsten beads for fly fishing, tungsten ball, tungsten shot, tungsten drop shot, Tungsten tear, tungsten shrimp scud, tungsten ice jig, tungsten mormishka, tungsten nail weight, tungsten jig head, tungsten bullet weight tungsten worm weight, tungsten cube, tungsten block, tungsten bar, tungsten dart, Tungsten carbide metal injection molding, stainless steel Metal injection molding.