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brass beads, tungsten beads, tungsten slotted beads

We believe we are No. 1 in this Industry, the color you see is only an example, we have more than 35 colors like that, very beautiful, all these color can be applied onto tungsten beads, tungsten cone, tungsten dumbbell, ..Detailed Selling Lead Description We sell all kinds of tungsten fishing product such as tungsten tungsten weight, tungsten worm weight, tungsten bullet weight, tungsten beads, tungsten bead head, fly fishing bead, tungsten jig head, tungsten ice jig head, tungsten mormishka, tungsten mormish, tungsten sinker, tungsten drops, The finish we can supply is gold, nickel, silver, copper, bronze, black nickel, gun metal black, fluoscent yellow, red, orange,pink,white.... paint, all kind of anodizing colors, we supplied more than 50 colors,

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