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Why our tungsten ice jig is better?

 At the very beginning, our teacher from North Eu taught us how to solder. After absorbing teacher's technology, we mixed our own understanding and talent. now we think our level are better in some aspects.

We think our soldering quality and soldering speed is better than our teacher's, or at least we are no less than his.

But the most most important innovation is that we can do hook protection.

It means hook can keep sharp after coating, to reach a better coating quality,  our coating plant always trying coating it longer and make coating layer thicker,  In that case,  product looks very beautiful but hook is no longer sharp. We developped a technology called "hook protection" can keep hook sharp point out of coating.  We start research from 2005, until last year 2011, it is totally matured. If a customer want very high quality ice jig/mormishka, this technology is necessary.  We think in China, only us can do massly soldering and coat ice jig, So needless to say any one else can do hook protection.  We are indeed manufacturer from tungsten powder to final product. every process finished in house.  Our hook is from Hayabusa of Japan.


The coating plant we are using is from Taiwan, The people from Taiwan has better technology in many area, we have to say their coating quality is better and more stable than other domestic coating plant.

We have more than 50 models mold in our plant, so almost 90% ice jig, you can find in the market, we can supply. even if we do not have mold, it is very easy for us to do.




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