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We are the first one who introduce metallic color/lucent col

 AS our impression to the customers, we always bring something new into what we are involving. for example, we are the first one who introduce metallic color, (or lucent color, anodizing color), there are about 30 metallic colors for your choosing, It is so amazing and gave customer and deep impression.  

At year 2006, we started research,  after many times trial and failure, we got the idea by which way and using which coating plant, we can get good quality. WE do not think any other coating plant can do the same level we currently we are using.

Not only lucent color, but normal coating, we are using good quality coating plant which is from Taiwan. we have to say Taiwan can do better quality.

For normal counter hole tungsten beads, we have 2 kinds of hole size which can support different style hook, different barb, different stem,  so please make sure what kind of beads you want..




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