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ultra high density tungsten jigs coming soon

 Ultra high density jigs, totally new to this industry,  The market situation before our Ultra Dense jig

1, lead jig with a density 12g/cc, can be casted in free shape, with collar, lure keeper,  mostly painted, good job but with some toxic as we can understand it is lead

2, tungsten polymer jigs, it is not big quantity but you can still see from the market, someone use nylon+tungsten powder to inject onto hook directly, nice job, unfortunately, it is high cost way but still can not achieve advantage of tungsten, it is only 10-12g/cc

3, tungsten flea flicker, Tru tungsten people design it, make tungsten beads stuck onto a 30 degree hook, we have to say it is very good design, simple and workable and can be done fastly.

The next Generation tungsten jig, with density as high as 18g/cc, real tungsten alloy, it can reach all function lead can achieve but without toxic, 50% higher density.

It can have colloar, lure keeper, wire guard, totally same as lead can do. You will see in ICAST 2012. Of course, we make it, our customer sell it.  For some reason, we do not show picture here.





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